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Enjoy these mindfully curated Crystal Kits to help you heal, manifest, and motivate yourself to be the best version of you.

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Abundance Kit Abundance Kit
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Chakra Kit Chakra Kit
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Love Kit Love Kit
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Protection Kit Protection Kit
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Serenity Kit Serenity Kit
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Study Kit Study Kit
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Well-being Kit Well-being Kit
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Abundance Kit:
Citrine: The ‘money stone’, for acquiring and maintaining wealth
Green Aventurine: Increases prosperity, known as the ‘gambler’s stone’
Jade: For tapping into the unlimited resources of the Universe
Emerald: Attunes one to the vibration of abundance
Moss Agate: A stone of plentitude, assisting one in the acquisition of riches


Chakra Kit:
Red Jasper: Base – physical energy, survival, instinct
Carnelian: Sacral – desire, emotion creativity, sexuality
Citrine: Solar – plexus – personal power, will, desires, emotions
Green Aventurine: Heart – love, compassion, empathy
Blue Quartz: Throat – communication, sound, speech, expression
Sodalite: Third-eye – psychic power, intuition, spiritual guidance
Amethyst: Crown – enlightenment, dynamic thought, spirituality


Love Kit:
Rose Quartz: Spiritually attunes one to the energy of love, heals the heart.
Rhodonite: Inspires and nurtures unconditional love
Emerald: For creating new worlds filled with love
Rhodochrosite: Encourages self-love and compassion, heals the emotions
Sardonyx: Brings harmony and happiness to relationships


Protection Kit:
Black Tourmaline: Offers protection against all negative energies
Chiastolite: For deflection of the evil-eye
Black Obsidian: Psychic protection, provides a shield against negativity
Smokey Quartz: Transmutes negative energies into positive frequencies
Amethyst: Spiritual protection, creates a field of spiritual light around the body


Serenity Kit:
Amethyst: ‘Stone of meditation’ instills tranquility and harmony
Lepidolite: For serenity, relaxation and releasing feelings of overwhelment
Rhodonite: Soothes the emotional body, alleviates anxieties
Rose Quartz: Release stress and worry, restores loving thoughts
Blue Quartz: Calms the nervous system, brings peace of mind.



Strength Kit:
Bloodstone: ‘Stone of courage’, helps one function with determination
Red Tiger Eye: For overcoming fatigue or discouragement
Tiger Iron: Increases stamina and focused will
Hematite: Provides strength for moving through adversity
Onyx: For inner strength and endurance

Study Kit:
Fluorite: Improves focus and decision-making, brings order to ideas
Sodalite: Stimulates the intellect, assisting analytical pursuits
Clear Quartz: Aids concentration bringing clarity and eliminating confusion
Sapphire: Mental agility and discipline, brings inner wisdom
Ametrine: Increases memory retention, improves mental blocks

Well-Being Kit:
Moss Agate: Strengthens the physical body, speeds up recovery
Clear Quartz: Brings healing energy and light into the body
Garnet: ‘Stone of health’, revitalises and rejuvenates cells
Unakite: Promotes the regeneration of healthy tissue
Nephrite Jade: Stimulates the flow of chi through the physical body, increases the body’s ability to absorb physical nourishment


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