Zodiac Tumbled Stone Crystal Kits

Uniquely paired stones for each Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Tumbled Stone Crystal Healing Kits make for a great gift for someone you love, or if you’re  looking to expand your knowledge on crystals! These stones are uniquely paired and work together as a talisman for your specific zodiac sign.

Interested in finding out more about which crystals come in your kit? Have a little read below! 

African Turquoise – A Healer of the spirit, brings peace of mind.
Rainforest Rhyolite – Regeneration; lights the fires of creativity and joy.
Black Obsidian - Protective and stabilising; shields against negativity.
Sodalite – Magic and destiny; assists one in accessing their true potential.

Citrine – Magnifies the powers of will and Manifestation; enhances creativity.
Malachite – Stone of transformation, assists one through changes.
Jet – Neutralises negative energies; activates the power of magic.
Lepidolite – Brings deep emotional healing; relieves depression.
Kambaba Jasper – Removes blockages; encourages assimilation of new patterns.

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz – Promotes joy and peace; allows one to trust in love.
Amazonite – Stone of truth, encourages expression of ones inner knowing.
Ametrice – Brings mental clarity, new ideas and insights.
Unakite – balances the emotional body with the heart and mind.
Nephrite Jade – Said to bless that which it touches.

Sapphire – For fulfilling dreams and desires; attracts positive gifts.
Fluorite – inspires focus and organization brings order to chaos.
Snowflake Obsidian – Brings purity and balance; clears negativity.
Moss Agate – Promotes both spiritual and financial abundance.
Mookaite – invigorates and energises; encourages renewed hope.


Peridot – For joy and abundance; understanding changes
Sunstone – Vitality and leadership; brings blessings and good fortune.
Onyx – Strength, self-mastery and empowerment.
Piccaso Stone – Protects and nurturesl stimulates creative visualisation.
Orange Calcite – For a condifent and optimistic approach to life.

Moonstone – Stimulates intuitive understanding & insights; a talisman of good luck.
Carnelian – For building confidence, courage, passion and power; enhances creativity.
Ruby In Fuchsite – Empowers and strengthens the emotional body
Ocean Jasper – Joy and upliftment; brings enthusiasm for life & future endeavours.
Manganocalcite – Self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love; heals the inner child.

Black Agate & Quartz – Brings forth the actualization of that which ones desires.
Dumortierite – Stimulates the brain and intellectual abilities.
White Howlite – Encourages emotional expression and calm communication.
Dragonstone – Enhances keen perception, brings stamina and strength.
Brecciated Jasper – For keeping your feet on the ground and achieving emotional stability.

Emerald – Nourishes the heart; instills self-wroth; attracts abundance.
Rose Quartz – Stone of love; a master healer of the emotions.
Red Jasper – Stabilising energy producing physical strength and stamina.
Rhodonite – For discovering and developing hidden talents and one’s true passions.
Black Tourmaline – A powerful talisman for protection; dispels negative energies.

Clear Quartz – Stone of power and harmony; infuses one with energy and light.
Bloodstone – Courage and strength; revitalizes and purifies the body.
Fire Agate – lights the inner fires of life-force and creativity.
Aventurine – For moving forward with confidence; a stone of prosperity.
Sardonyx – Stone of virtue and integrity; attracts happiness and good fortune.

Aquamarine – For spiritual awareness, communicating with clarity and courage.
Blue Quartz – Brings peace and calm, helps one to express their true feelings.
Chinese Writing Rock – Provides strength for emotional issues.
Lapis – For gaining wisdom; accessing unknown mysteries and mystical realms.
New Jade – Stone for dreaming; also known as a lucky stone.

Amethyst – Stone of spirituality, connecting, one to divine guidance.
Fuchsite – Nourishing and calming, helps one bounce back after tense situations.
Angelite – For peace, forgiveness, and emotional harmony.
Hematite – Spiritually grounding and protective, a great stress reliever.
Poppy Jasper – Brings happiness, good fortune, and a positive outlook on life.

Garnet – Known as a stone of health and of commitment to purpose.
Smokey Quartz – Dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages.
Dalmation Stone – For regaining a sense of fun in the world.
Snakeskin Jasper – Joy and upliftment; brings enthusiasm for life & future endeavours.
Tiger Eye – Personal power and stability; stimulates optimism; a stone for good luck.


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