Luvin Life Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar

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Luvin' Life Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar

With increasingly negative reports coming to light regarding the health implications of using commercial spray and roll-on deodorant....we certainly prefer to use Himalayan Salt!!

The 84 minerals and trace elements in Himalayan Salt will care for your skin whilst providing a natural, safe, fragrance-free alternative to chemical laden commercial deodorant.

The Salt Bar is also a far healthier alternative to alum crystal deodorants which do still contain aluminium. Luvin Life Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bars are carved chunks of 100% pure Himalayan Crystal cannot get much more unprocessed than that!

How it works:

Salt has been used for many years to preserve food and prevent spoilage; this is because salt prevents the growth of bacteria.
Body odour is not caused by sweat, it is caused by bacteria forming on the skin as the perspiration breaks down.
Commercial deodorants prevent body odour by blocking the pores with heavy metals whereas Himalayan Salt Deodorant Bar leaves an invisible layer of protective salt that allows your skin to breathe as nature intended whilst preventing odour-causing bacteria from forming. It leaves you fresh and clean.

How to Use:

Moisten the natural deodorant bar and apply to skin. Or apply to clean wet skin after showering whilst the body is still damp.
After use, dry the stone and place it in a suitable receptacle. 
It is not recommended to leave the stone in the shower or other humid environment.
Can also be used with essential oils as a hot massage stone.
Do not use on broken or irritated skin.


Made from 100% Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt

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