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BIC Sandalwood Incense 20g

BIC Sandalwood Incense 20g


Making healthy choices is growing increasingly easier as the supply for these guilt-free, earth-friendly products begins to meet the demand. With the encouraging upswing of the organic growth market, consumers who are looking for better, kinder health and lifestyle products are reaping the benefits of this wonderful development. They’re not only buying items that are good for them, they are buying products they can feel good about. That mind and body experience combined with an overall appreciation for the world we live in is the driving force behind this burgeoning market.

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  • Magnesium offers wonderful stress and relaxation properties, is good for soothing aches and pains and is better absorbed through the skin
  • Yoga Goodies galore, including mats, straps, bamboo blocks and socks
  • Natural Health offers a wide selection of feel-good products like Bi-Carb, Epsom salts, detox foot patches and more
  • Orgonite to help purify the environment in your home and office. It can assist with counteracting the effects of harmful EMF radiation, and boost healing practices.
  • Zazen Water - Drink zazen Water to help live a longer, healthier life. Join the 31,622 customers and 2,549 Natural Health Practitioners who drink, love and endorse zazen Alkaline Water.
  • Smudge Sticks and Santo Palo Santo - Organic and ethically sourced sage and palo santo for smudging and your health

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